We're not just a bunch of coders... we have a diverse set of interests and pursue work that both fascinates and inspires us

With backgrounds in education, environmental science, industry, finance, top secret projects for the Ministry of Defence (shh! Don’t tell anyone) and the arts... we’re what you might call a mixed bunch


We have a large and varied body of work under our proverbial belts, from working internationally with national governments, the European Commission (FP7, Horizon 2020 etc), education, policy, NFP organisations and a diverse range of other industry sectors. You name it... we've probably done it.

Our core team consists of software developers, designers, illustrators and communicators with years of experience across a multitude of sectors.

We're not tied down by location and our team hails from around the world. We'll travel if we need to, but we try to be green and keep the air clean where possible.

We're fun, professional, and most importantly- reliable to work with. Our customer's happiness and success are what drive us and we’ll stop at nothing until we’ve achieved that.

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Fun(ish) facts about fizz.ee